Accredited Life Experience Degree Program

Rochville University’s Work Experience Degree Helps
Employers and Employees Alike

The work experience degree program, like its name suggests is an academic program that relies on the knowledge an individual acquires from engaging in his or her day to day activities. This degree program will award any individual who has an outstanding work experience with a degree that can be used to improve his or her quality of life.

There are many jobs that require hands-on experience in order to master the rudiments of such professions. These are usually the type of professions that are better learnt on the field rather than in the classroom. Classroom work is most often based on the theories and principles that govern a particular sector. The theoretical knowledge in a given area is very important. However, without the practical experience, the individual will not be able to function effectively at his or her place of work.

The ultimate goal of any employer is to encourage employees to take steps towards improving their practical knowledge. Employers are constantly looking for employees who can get the job done and not those who can make long theoretical statements. Rochville University is an online university that operates under the distance education umbrella.

The goal of Rochville University and its affiliates who function through the use of the internet is to take high quality university education and bring it to the doorstep of the degree seeker. As the ultimate distance learning university in the world, the greater number of its student population is made up of adults who may or may not be actively employed. On the other hand, Rochville University has a strong partnership with major players in the job market.

Rochville University has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a number of employers. According to this MOU, Rochville University trains high quality personnel for use by these companies and organizations. In return, these companies allow Rochville University to take advantage of their rich human resource base and facilities. This is the major reason why graduates from Rochville University are very easily and quickly absorbed into the job market. It is also the reason why these graduates are offered higher positions with commensurate salary packages.

Due to the pivotal role Rochville University has to play in linking job seekers to employers, most of its operational details are designed to help improve the job market. It is as a result of this that the university runs a lot of programs that are aimed at assisting working adults. Rochville University’s work experience degree program is one of the many degree programs that are available to employees who have plans of developing their professional careers.

The work experience degree program awards college credits for the experience the employee obtains whiles working. By awarding college credits for work experience, the university is formally converting all the informal training programs and the hands-on experience of the individual into points worthy of an academic degree. Even though a small group of people would want to dispute the effectiveness of the work experience degree, the majority of employers have confessed to having a soft spot for people who hold the college credit for work experience degree. Moreover, due to the existence of the work experience based degree program, most employees are motivated to take their daily work schedules with all seriousness.

The work experience degree has also helped to streamline employee ethics and behavioral qualities at the work place. This is because in applying for an experience based degree, the applicant is allowed to present any information and documents to support the main application. This may even include recommendation from past and current employers. Anything that will prove your competence in the desired field will serve a good purpose in your quest to find a degree based on the work experience you have.

Many experts in the academic and job markets who fully understand the importance of having a degree added to a considerable amount of work experience appreciate the valuable contributions of Rochville University. These people do understand that the work experience degree is the only means by which quality human resource base can be built within a short time. For working adults who intend to seek a college credit for work experience degree program, the work place serves as the classroom where activities are carried out with the intension of finally earning a degree.

At the same time, the worker acquires the work experience employers so dearly crave for. Do not deprive yourself of the sort of privilege the work experience degree program offers. Through Rochville University’s work experience degree program, both the working adult and the employer are faced with a win-win situation.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the work place serves as a central point for the work based degree program, the working adult will not need to study and write exams in order to obtain a degree. Critics of the college credit for work experience program think that the fact that the individual would not have to sit in the classroom to learn and take exams negatively affects this program.

But we all know that as informal as on-the-job training can be, instructors would test the competence of workers from time to time and those who fail would have to undertake the informal training program all over again. There is no difference between the work experience degree and the traditional degree that is why Rochville University’s degrees have nothing to distinguish a work based degree from that of the traditional system.